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OpenReal R200 Remote Controls for Airconditioning Apparatus

OpenReal R200 Remote Controls for Airconditioning Apparatus

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Smart Remote Control: The OpenReal remote enables smart control of your air conditioning system. Through a dedicated mobile app, you can adjust the temperature, mode, and fan speed from anywhere, providing convenience and ease of use.

Wide Compatibility: This remote is designed to be compatible with most major brands and models of air conditioners on the market, ensuring a seamless replacement for your original remote.

Energy Management: Equipped with an energy-saving mode, the OpenReal remote helps users optimize their air conditioning usage, reducing energy consumption and saving on electricity bills, while promoting environmental sustainability.

Easy Installation and Use: With a user-friendly design, the product is easy to install without requiring any professional knowledge. It comes with a detailed user manual and installation guide for quick and effortless setup.

Timer Function: The remote includes a timer feature that allows users to set specific on and off times for their air conditioning unit, enabling automated management and enhancing comfort and efficiency in daily use.

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